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About us

Prague Zodiac Walks is a deep travel project with an aim of making visitors of Prague familiar with the esoteric and mystical essence of the town by means of thematic tours, Internet and other informative contacts. The project was established in 2000, because of an entire lack of information of this kind, not only in the travel industry but also in the information database about Prague in general. The central theme of our walks is the so-called Prague Zodiac – an esoteric astrological structure within the web of the town, which is a quite unique mystical structure within a city in the European and Worldwide scale. Prague Zodiac Walks is the only, one of its kind company globally providing walks through such a City-Zodiac structure.


Those who wish to get acquainted with Prague are thus offered a highly interesting and quite original alternative. Our walks don’t overload the memory with a confused flood of data but address foremost heart and intuition. The “Prague’s Genius Loci” or the “Magic of Prague” aren’t empty clichés for us but crucial themes and the walks are aimed straight towards their roots. After the walks the visitor is not burdened with a cargo of more-or-less incoherent and often useless knowledge, but he or she has the possibility to directly touch the mystery of Prague and understand and experience the town in its wholeness.


Currently, there are five walks to choose from.  Nevertheless, Prague Zodiac Walks is always evolving.  Be sure to check our site updates.


Looking forward to your visit,



Michal Maryška,

Author, The Prague Zodiac

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Despite the fact that the Czech Republic has belonged to the West European cultural world for more than one Millennium, the years of Cold War and the division of Europe by the armored Iron Curtain (1948 – 1989) have seemingly shifted it away from the continent. Thus many people used to think that Europe ended at the frontiers of Germany and Austria. But in fairytales it is taught that the best treasures rest untouched on the bottom of Sea. And so it is here. The Czech Republic is not on the outskirts of Europe but in its center. It is not a cliché but a geographical fact. And the Center of the center is the “Pearl of pearls”: Prague.


Based on statistics, once you’re here, it’s almost certain that this town is going to fascinate you. It’s also likely you’ll say that Prague is the most beautiful city you have ever seen although you have traveled extensively (words of many of newcomers). And you’ll probably say that Prague is like a fairy book place.


Many speak in these terms. There is so much for exploring here - so much that can be sensed intimately and sensitively.  And all located in such a compact area (3 sq km) as nowhere else, undisturbed by wars or natural disasters. (Prague has the largest seamless preserved medieval town center in the entire Europe!) Yet, many also report that there is something here, something in the air, something with a flavor of magic or mystery, which, when they try to touch it, however, eludes their hands like the proverbial sand escaping from the hourglass of life.


Walking and observing it, people have given Prague different names - “The City of a Thousand Spires,“ “The Mother of Towns“ or “The Heart of Europe“.  All these three titles are rightly given but if you ponder more deeply upon them you realize that they leave the whole unique atmosphere of Prague inadequately described.


Yes, there are spires here and they are countless. But if you think more carefully about it you’ll rather add that it is not their number why the spires nickname the town but that a view of them strikes a cord of myriads of fingers stretched towards the heaven - like in a prayer or in another kind of communication. In the communication of the human soul, reaching up to touch the Universe. The Essence of Being.


Yes, Prague looks like “the Mother of All Towns” in the European perspective. Exquisite collections of European architecture from Romanesque over Renaissance to Art Nouveau, from Gothic over Baroque to Cubist, and everything crammed next to each other. Prague is the Mother of All Towns because she holds traditions and provides so many examples of urbanism that can be and have been an inspiration for newly developing towns. Yet, you feel that it’s an inadequate description of its energy once you are here. Meditating on it, you would rather say that she’s a mother for all those who desire to be like children in their hearts, who want to learn what they are, for all those who would like to build true towns of life and love in their souls. That she can tell them about their roots and lead them to their cores.


Yes, she is “The Heart of Europe”. But not only geographically (look at the map!), not only historically (look in history books and you’ll find it’s true - but foremost spiritually and psychologically. Once you’re here, you’ll feel that Prague is the quintessence of the medieval and modern western civilization. And perhaps that’s why so many people from the entire world feel at home here from the first moments after arriving. Not like tourists but like at home! There’s something for everyone here. Something very intimate, something that he or she recognizes. And… perhaps… it’s a rhythm - for the heart is beating!


…only a sensitive touch and sharp hearing can catch the beat though. And of course, it is necessary to know, where to put the hand and ear. Sadly, many of those who speak of Prague are too noisy and blind, to really hear and see, deafening the few ones who want really to listen. And the unique atmosphere remains missed and the Genius Loci untouched.


That’s why the Prague Zodiac Walks appeared. To enable the visitors to Prague to get inside, under its skin. To get closer to the Undercurrent and see it as the Currency. The Currency of Life, of Being.


Read more about its Mystery.

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