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Charles IV - horoscope

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As an example, we can use the birth horoscope of the Czech King Charles IV (1316 - 1378) who has been highly praised in the city of Prague as well as the whole of Bohemia and called the  “Father of the Homeland”. In its projection onto the plan of the Prague Zodiac, the planetary positions point to Charles’s main foundations.


Gemini – the Sun, Ascendant, Venus and Mercury

The mutual sign Gemini is stressed strikingly in his birth horoscope – by the presence of the Sun, Ascendant, Venus and Mercury. All of them point to Charles Bridge - which lies entirely in Gemini, intersecting it. Charles’s Sun corresponds to the fact that the bridge was actually consecrated to the Sun. Its patron saint is no other than St. Vitus, a Christian form of Svantovit, the Slavic Sun God. The Sun’s line crosses just the Old Town Bridge Tower, in which Charles Bridge starts and under which the foundation stone of the bridge rests. (Charles VI founded the bridge personally there, on a date chosen astrologically and numerologically. Read more in Gemini.) The decoration of the eastern facade of the bridge tower (that is said to be the most beautiful in Europe) represents a tribute to the Sun and St Vitus. Disregarded by people who walk by, the decoration hides a whole textbook of medieval astrology and an astonishing every-year heavenly theater of the summer solstice Sun. Ascendant, Venus and Mercury support the importance of the bridge. For almost half a millennium it was the only bridge across the Vltava. As a representative of the mutual (mobile) sign and airy element it connects the sectors of Taurus and Cancer, making thus their mutual communication possible. Charles IV’s Ascendant, Venus and Mercury also point to the eastern end of the Prague Castle.


Leo – Jupiter, IC and Mars

Jupiter in Leo pointing to the gothic castle of Karlstejn (20 km off Prague) astonishes those who are interested in the story of the Holy Grail and Templars. Karlstejn was allegedly designed as a “safe-box” for the sought-after Holy Grail. Jupiter indicates distant routes for wisdom while the allegoric figure of Leo guards the legendary castle in the King Arthur’s cycle. The Jupiter‘s degree - Leo 30 - is at the same time the zero degree of Virgo. Some researchers see mysterious connections among the Gothic style, the Holy Grail story and the Virgin or Black Madonna. Templars are thought to have been the inventors of the Gothic style as it is because they allegedly discovered a secret knowledge during their voyages to Jerusalem in 12th century. They are also thought to have been the authors of a highly mysterious system of early gothic cathedrals in France consecrated to the Virgin (“Notre Damme”, e.g. “Our Lady”) that geometrically copies the Virgo stellar constellation.


The French king Philippe de Noble abolished the order in 1310´s. Templars went underground, disappearing in many corners of Europe, saving their knowledge from unworthy persons and sharing it with a handful of worthy ones – to keep the continuity living and immaculate. And there is a suspicion that Charles IV represented the continuity of the secret testimony.


Well, the Sabian Symbol of the Jupiter’s degree (Leo 30) fills the Grail with an interesting content. It is named AN UNSEALED LETTER. An unsealed letter contains such information that is accessible to everybody. The Sabian Symbol says that nothing can be hidden, and if so – only superficially and temporarily. All people should share all ideas and all messages. It hints of the necessity of both of informing and sharing information.

   But the letter is written and only those who are able to read can get the message. The concealing of information into symbols of a language is not an empty game of secrecy. It contains a basic evolutionary principle that calls for an active attitude to information on both sides – of the writer and the reader. Which means that those who need the information will learn to read. And the real need and readiness make the selection to “worthy and unworthy persons”. To persons for whom it is or isn’t worth to read.

   The subtler the information is, the subtler language is needed of course. In his letter Charles IV used the Prague ground plan instead of a parchment, urbanization shifts instead of a pen and mystical symbols instead of one of the six European languages he knew. The information required it. But everyone - including you - is welcome to read it. Prague is here for everyone.


IC shows to a chapel of the God’s Grave and the church of St. Lawrence on the Petrin hill.


As for the Mars, the Sabian Symbol of its degree (Leo 20) is called INDIANS PERFORM A RITUAL TO THE SUN and it speaks about the glorification of natural energies. There is to stress that Charles IV represents an active and decisive (Mars-like) sought for a conscious connection with the Source of all Life on the Earth. It’s interesting that the line of Charles’s Mars doesn’t cross any of his constructions but it runs off the civilization - through Petrin hill where was a deep forest in 14th century. At the same time the line crosses a place on which the sculpture of Karel Hynek Mácha stands. K. H. Macha is a leading symbol of Czech 19th century romantic poetry. His magic verses glow with the adoration of natural instincts and energies and of the same search as in the case of Sharles IV: a search for the eternal Source of Life.


Scorpio, Sagittarius – Neptune, Descendant, Uranus

Both planets and Descendant run through the New Town – Charles’s remarkable foundation (the largest one in the medieval Europe) that was deeply based on mystical principles. All planets run over Charles Square, the largest square of the then Europe. Neptune also slightly touches the eastern fortification of Vyšehrad – the second castle in the town and a very mysterious place, connected with the legendary princess and prophetess Libuše who is claimed to have foreseen the future city of Prague in her prophetic vision and given then a direct impulse to founding it afterwards. Charles IV proudly claimed that he belonged to Libuše’s lineage - and his own mother died at Vyšehrad). The gothic reconstruction of Vyšehrad was also carried out under Charles IV.


Aquarius – MC, the Moon, Saturn

MC, the Moon and Saturn cross the eastern part of the New Town, Charles’s largest foundation.

   MC line crosses the middle of the Wenceslas Square, named after the prince Wenceslas († 929, a member of the Premyslid dynasty Charles IV came from and which was mythically founded by Libuše and Přemysl) who was canonized to St Wenceslas after his martyr death. For a millennium he has been a symbol of the Czech state and Charles IV used to profess loudly the testimony of St Wenceslas as the root and pattern of his own rule.

   The Moon runs through the church of Our Lady at the Snow and Saturn through the church of St Henry.


Pisces – Pluto

The line of Pluto in Pisces crosses the immediate vicinity of the Charles University. Charles IV carried out the foundation in 1348 – it was the first university in the Middle Europe.


The cathedral of St Vitus and the Church of St Stephan

The most important object of Charles’s interest – the cathedral of St Vitus as the most sacred district symbolizing the beginning of the band of Cancer – is projected onto the 1st house of his horoscope of birth. Similarly, the church of St Stephan – the opposite to the cathedral of St Vitus and the winter end of the solstice line between them – falls to the center of the 7th house. The solstice line represented by both sacred places then creates the axis of Charles’s personal but also public endeavor as the Czech King and the Holy Roman Emperor.

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