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Mystery of Prague

Mystery of the living Genius loci
You can peek under the mystery of the Prague Zodiac within the Prague Zodiac Walks - the guided walks through the esoteric principles of Prague. Main themes: astrology, alchemy, magic, mysticism.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a charming medieval city, also called “The Heart of Europe,” “The City of a Thousand Spires“ or “Mother of Cities”. And virtually many of those who have set their feet on its cobblestone skin have given this place attributes like magic, mysterious, mesmerizing.

   But if you ask them, no one can really tell you why. Next to none of those who adore the magic and mysterious genius loci of Prague are able to address it, to touch the essence of this feeling – which then usually eludes in superficial clichés when formed by words and thoughts: A beautiful city. History everywhere. Charming atmosphere. Picturesque panoramas.


But what if the Genius Loci really exists?

What if it lives beneath what we see as the Prague’s stone body?

What if it is the living essence of this town’s reality and the very space in which “the Matrix of the Mother Prague” manifests itself?

What if this is the Truth that we just do not perceive and realize clearly beneath all those particular things and facts? Because there is too much noise in us? Noise of the dream of what we know? The dream of our omniscience?


When speaking about what we know, let us ponder a bit on the Prague’s known history, for example.


The uniqueness of Prague is underlined by the fact, for instance, that it is a city with more than likely the oldest continual settlement in the world according to archeologists. In this respect its history goes back more than 750,000 years. Yet, people do not usually know about this and what is “known” about this city within the collective mind and the standard information sources it draws from is often just very superficial.

   And moreover, even those who are eager for knowledge and long to get under the surface do so with factual information that is far from sufficient: – for it has more empty holes than firm ground in it while most of us do not realize the existence of the holes and therefore do not ponder on the Wholeness within them at all.


Indeed, among the numerous people groups and nations that have appeared or lived in the wider area of Prague during that magnificent length of time – (750.000 years = 180 x age of they western culture, 375 x history of Christianity, 680x time of the known Prague’s visible and “written” history aka 1100 yrs approx.) - the first definite local ethnic group with a definite name for us were only Celts who appeared here around 500 BC. Which, on top of that, doesn’t mean that we know a lot of them. On the contrary, what we know are minute shreds, although they lived here for many centuries. And it doesn’t get better with the further history either. Although we know that Germans came for a while around 0 and then Slavs about 6 AD, even these cultures we know only a little about. Despite quite rich archeological discoveries, we haven’t found traces understandable enough for us to be able to create a compact picture about these cultures.


And moreover, even when Christianity began to penetrate the Czech lands in the 9th century AD, while changing the layer of the previous pagan ones massively and making historical roots far richer, it is still true that in spite of historical information seeming to be enormous in quantity, compared to the earlier eras, wide empty spaces yawn so that it seems that very little from a very thick book have come to us in the form of known facts (disregarding hundreds of volumes of empty pages as far as the pre-Christian era). Thus, what we know for sure is that cultures have been coming and going in the territory of Prague, new layers have been appearing and old ones covered up. But although it’s often said that Prague has been a melting pot for centuries, we know very little in fact about what has been melted here and how. And even more: we know very little about the melting pot itself!


We do not see the City although we look at it. Thinking that what we know is sufficient, we leave our fascinating world behind.


And moreover, when encountering the Unknown, we often disregard or even deny it - the Unknown and foreign has been hated as an un-stabilizing factor of power and “truth” for centuries after all, and many of us keep following this pattern subconsciously, keeping thus the Whole of the fascinating world at bay. Because it IS still here, all the time present, including all those empty spaces – which are empty and non-existing just for us who do not know or acknowledge them.


What would you think, for example, if I tell you that in the northern outskirts of Prague there is an exceptional cult object of an area of nine hectares, which is orientated according to complicated mathematical and astronomical rules and which is older than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids? And that such a fact still remains almost unnoticed?


Or that another fascinating fact has remained disregarded as well - the fact that certain Prague sanctuaries, altogether of pre-Christian history, are grouped into a remarkable geometrical structure, with extraordinary astronomical and astro-symbolical coincidences? And that upon looking into this structure more deeply we come to an amazing discovery that it is a living mirror of the Universe and of people looking into it? (see more: Prague Zodiac.)


Or that Prague is also full of traces of alchemists, of spots of healing energy and of thousands of various esoteric crossroads? Which still, yet, remains restricted to knowledge of very few people?

   Reality, which we call ordinary, is extraordinary but it’s still doggedly opposed. We live amidst infinity but are afraid to admit it with all its consequences, being afraid of getting lost in the immense and lonely space without limits. Truly, it is the ancient struggle of freedom and chains, between the desire to know and the pretension of possessing the entire knowledge. The struggle between the spirit and the precepts in our mind that make us think and feel in a certain way only and let the spirit ,the Mystery, the silent Space of the Unknown talk to our hearts


   Such is the milieu of Prague as well. Like the human mind, it still wears many coats.  But the body under is a living treasure. Or even something bigger: it is a Threshold – which is what the word Praha – “Prague” in Czech – means in fact.


If you feel like being one of those, though, in whom the pure joy of life and the ardor to encounter the Unknown haven’t died, then the project of Prague Zodiac Walks has come into existence just for you. In order to assist you to step on the Threshold and go through the gate. To enter the mirror. Prague is magic, mysterious and mystic because it consists of magic, mystery and mystical essence. And with our insights you can get close to this Essence as few have done before.


In our walks (and, to an extent, in the pages of this website too) you will learn about things that only few people know. And far more importantly, you’ll be able to perceive and touch the town beneath its cloaks - directly, wholly. You will get the chance to feel it, to grasp it and to enjoy its interconnectedness with the Universe. And doing it, you shall be interconnected Yourself..


   The coldness and the infinite loneliness of the infinite Space of Being which we call the Universe are only illusory. In fact, its arms are filled with infinite love. Indeed, all of us are at home in it. And none can disappear from it – only to forget about it temporarily. Prague might be such a Threshold for you to (re-)discover and savor this timeless truth with all your body and mind. With the bottomless depth of your Heart.

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