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3) Speaking stone

The mystery of Prague Zodiac within guided walks through the esoteric aspects of Prague.Astrology,alchemy,magic,mysticism.Mozart,Kafka,Einstein,Don Giovanni,death,resurrection,enlightenment,Black Madonna,solstice

Astronomic, astrologic, alchemical and esoteric symbolism captured in stone of some Prague buildings in the band of Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. If you choose this tour, you’ll see The Old Town Astronomical Clock, not just because of its famous puppet spectacle but in order to understand its virtual value. Along the King’s Road and its beautiful buildings with their often enigmatic or alchemistic symbols, the walk continues to the Charles Bridge to read a fascinating message captured in the stone facade of its Bridge Tower.


There you will have two options:

Either 1) you can embark a small boat under the bridge for a half-an-hour cruise on the river Vltava (the boat ticket is extra paid) to see the remains of the second oldest stone bridge in the Middle Europe, the Judith bridge that cannot be seen but from this boat, where you can perceive the Charles Bridge from an unexpected point of view.

Or 2) you can choose to cross the bridge on foot and pass its many Baroque statues and vistas. Either way you will hear about the Bridge’s esoteric grounding, astrological history, its magic healing energies and other information. The walk ends up on the land of the Lesser Town where in the neighborhood an unusual surprise waits for you.


Duration: approx. 3 hrs

Each walk is flexible enough to either be abbreviated or extended based upon your interest.


NOTE: All walks are upon request and preceding booking only. Minimum interest is 1 person. To order a walk, click on the Book the walk and let us know via email about your interest.


Book the walk


(all walks except for Walk 2)

1-2 persons:

1800 CZK

90 USD

65 EUR


3-4 persons:

2400 CZK

135 USD

90 EUR


5-6 persons:

3600 CZK

180 USD

135 EUR


7-8 persons:

4030 CZK

200 USD

150 EUR


9-10 persons:

4530 CZK

225 USD

170 EUR

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