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5) The Mysterious Ground plan of The New Town

The mystery of Prague Zodiac within guided walks through the esoteric aspects of Prague.Astrology,alchemy,magic,mysticism.Mozart,Kafka,Einstein,Don Giovanni,death,resurrection,enlightenment,Black Madonna,solstice

Our walk number 5 invites you to explore more carefully the zones of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn, the places unjustly omitted by traditional tourist groups. You’ll see the winter end of the Prague solstitial line – the church of St. Stephan and the rotunda of St. Longinus at the former holly springs. Getting a chance to peep under a cover of later centuries, you’ll have a chance to admire an ar-gothic effort of Charles IV to make a copy of The Holy Jerusalem - when building The New Town - and hide other enigmatic messages into it. You’ll also see a place, where Albert Einstein worked, whose horoscope of birth is bound tight with it.


Among other places and churches you’ll have a view of the astrologically predisposed sparkle point of the Velvet revolution or of the Prague mythological point number 1 – Vyšehrad.


Duration: approx. 3 hrs


Each walk is flexible enough to either be abbreviated or extended based upon your interest.


NOTE: All walks are upon request and preceding booking only. Minimum interest is 1 person. To order a walk, click on the Book the walk and let us know via email about your interest.


Book the walk


(all walks except for Walk 2)

1-2 persons:

1800 CZK

90 USD

65 EUR


3-4 persons:

2400 CZK

135 USD

90 EUR


5-6 persons:

3600 CZK

180 USD

135 EUR


7-8 persons:

4030 CZK

200 USD

150 EUR


9-10 persons:

4530 CZK

225 USD

170 EUR

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