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A mirror of the Universe
You can peek under the mystery of the Prague Zodiac within the Prague Zodiac Walks - the guided walks through the esoteric principles of Prague. Main themes: astrology, alchemy, magic, mysticism.
Prague Zodiac Intro

According to myth, princess Libussa, a sibyl, who augured the foundation of Prague, saw “a town, large, glory of which will reach up and touch the stars.” In this seemingly simple statement something deeply symbolical is hidden. The town of Prague really touches the stars not only by its glory but also directly with its body. Namely, the whole stellar sky with its laws is hidden in Prague’s stone face. And as it seems, Prague also follows these laws without it being realized by most of those who have come to rest in her arms in course of centuries. This is not a myth anymore but a fact.


A network of Prague early Christian sanctuaries, standing on places that had been venerated as holy long before the coming of Christianity, reflects by its organization what appears in the sky above them. It holds a mirror to the heavens and thus changes into stark reality an age-old fundamental law of alchemy, carved into the legendary Emerald Table: “As above, so below.”


What Prague captures in her geographical layout are not some mere accidental, discontinuous phenomena but that unchangeably constant and constantly changeable law in its wholeness often called as the Heavenly Order. What Prague hides in her geometry is nothing less than the zodiac.  That is to say, thus far the most thorough symbolical comprehension of the heavenly order that has pecked its way to the light of the world through the human heart equipped with intellectual curiosity and longing for the divine. Prague can thus be put side by side with such outstanding artifacts (and what is really an artifact?) as the astronomical calendar in Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids or the mysterious, early gothic cathedrals in France. However, Prague’s position is extraordinary. Prague is not only a symbolical expression of celestial phenomena, but - as it seems - a living embodiment of a matter of events that have happened and continue to happen within her. Not only the composition of the very town but also events and lives of those who have appeared here have been wonderfully, essentially bound to the Prague Zodiac. And all this in a town where there has been human life for millenia.


After recognizing the existence of the Prague Zodiac, many questions arise. We may ask who is behind it. We may ask if it was a plan brought here to influence the place or if it was the Earth who influenced people in this territory and caused them to behave in a way. We may ask about its origin. But ultimately we can deal with the Prague Zodiac itself. And we can thus look through the Prague Zodiac matrix upon events which took place in Prague in the past and also at the phenomena, which are occurring now, around us, including our own lives - and not only in Prague.


For the Prague Zodiac meaningfully communicates with individual people's horoscopes/charts - as you will see it in our walks on the examples of people who appreared in her in the past such as Einstein, Havel, Mozart, Kafka, Charles IV, Heydrich, Hitler, Eichman, rabi Löw, Nietzsche, Dvořák, Smetana and others - it is also possible to use the Prague Zodiac prism as a mystical tool for walking inside your own chart. Despite you've never been to Prague before. You can experience this with us. In the Prague Zodiac Chart Walk 2 you will be taken on a journey through your own chart projected onto the groundplan of Prague . It's an exciting and absolutely unique walk. It’s a physical walk through your own reading – the only one of its kind. A walk through your soul.


You are warmly welcome to embark on the PRAGUE ZODIAC WALKS around the mystical and esoteric connections of Prague - and to experience the face of Eternity, looking upon our lives as something what is essentially connected with us. The magic of Prague is not an empty cliché. It’s here. And we can help you to discover it. Let’s open your hearts in the arms of the Mother of Towns. No matter if you trust her or not - you don’t have to trust; you can take it as a game! For sure you’ll experience something unforgettable.

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