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4) The Enigma of The Prague Castle

The mystery of Prague Zodiac within guided walks through the esoteric aspects of Prague.Astrology,alchemy,magic,mysticism.Mozart,Kafka,Einstein,Don Giovanni,death,resurrection,enlightenment,Black Madonna,solstice

In the sector of Gemini and Cancer you’ll meet the center of the Czech national and spiritual past and very powerful place. Despite other tourists you’ll have a chance to understand why it was chosen in the past to be what it is today: you’ll hear about telluric streams, fields of energy; about astronomical orientation – the solstitial line which crosses the gothic cathedral of St. Vitus; entering the cathedral you’ll hear about its vitals – about argot, a secret gothic language and about the mysterious role of the gothic style in general.


The influence of The Prague Zodiac will meet you at the house of Franz Kafka in The Golden Lane, whose staying here was predisposed in his horoscope of birth. You’ll also follow traces of alchemists who worked here during a Prague boom of esoteric sciences namely in 16th and 17th centuries. Beside many other considerable things you’ll be able to enjoy a free coffee break in an authentic place (castle garden) too.


Duration: approx. 3 hrs


Each walk is flexible enough to either be abbreviated or extended based upon your interest.


NOTE: All walks are upon request and preceding booking only. Minimum interest is 1 person. To order a walk, click on the Book the walk and let us know via email about your interest.


Book the walk


(all walks except for Walk 2)

1-2 persons:

1800 CZK

90 USD

65 EUR


3-4 persons:

2400 CZK

135 USD

90 EUR


5-6 persons:

3600 CZK

180 USD

135 EUR


7-8 persons:

4030 CZK

200 USD

150 EUR


9-10 persons:

4530 CZK

225 USD

170 EUR


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