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During this very instructive walk you can stroll through the whole of the fascinating and world unique Prague Zodiac and experience it straight through your skin. You’ll make thus the first insight into the theme and get acquainted with its influence on the town and the life in it. Passing through all 12 signs of the Prague Zodiac you will see the rotunda of The Holly Cross, The Bethlehem chapel, Klementinum, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, The National Theatre, Wenceslas Square, The Estates Theatre and others. The walk usually starts over a cup of tea or coffee. You don’t need to be an astrologist. You’ll be provided with all the necessary info.


Duration: approx. 4 hrs


Each walk is flexible enough to either be abbreviated or extended based upon your interest.


NOTE: All walks are upon request and preceding booking only. Minimum interest is 1 person. To order a walk, click on the Book the walk and let us know via email about your interest.


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1) Prague Zodiac: The Mystical Wheel Walk

The mystery of Prague Zodiac within guided walks through the esoteric aspects of Prague.Astrology,alchemy,magic,mysticism.Mozart,Kafka,Einstein,Don Giovanni,death,resurrection,enlightenment,Black Madonna,solstice


(all walks except for Walk 2)


1-2 persons:

2100 CZK

100 USD

65 EUR


3-4 persons:

2400 CZK

135 USD

90 EUR


5-6 persons:

3600 CZK

180 USD

135 EUR


7-8 persons:

4030 CZK

200 USD

150 EUR


9-10 persons:

4530 CZK

225 USD

170 EUR



MORE ABOUT The Prague Zodiac: The Mystical Wheel Walk

For the Prague Zodiac is the central theme of all our walks, now you can make yourself familiar in brief with what you can learn about it in this specialized walk.


The tour starts in the middle of the whole system – at the rotunda of Holy Cross – and consists of two parts. The first one deals with the ground plan structure of the Prague Zodiac and its fundamental principles – namely with what you can find in brief in PRAGUE ZODIAC STRUCTURE.


Content of the second part is the actual walk through the twelve signs of the Prague Zodiac. Considering, that not everybody is well informed of astrology, we spare a little comment on the symbolical essence of zodiac as it is before that, so that every attendant may grasp and feel intuitively the single signs during the following walk. It’s made in an understandable and simple form. To understand the theme, you don’t need any special astrological education. The walk can be understandable to an entire layman.


During the actual walk, at the beginning of every sector (field), first a general symbolism of the relevant sign will be explained and then its reflection into the town sector and the life within it will be shown.


The tour through the 12 signs of the Prague Zodiac starts in the sector of Aries and ends up in the sector of Pisces. As you can see on the map 2, it doesn’t run in a circle but sooner in a spiral. It indicates symbolically the real dimension of a circle, the dimension, in which cognition and development in general take place. And thus it hints that circle and everything it implies – including the Prague Zodiac and its recognizing – never ends. For more information click here: (Prague Zodiac Virtual Walk)

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