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Prague, the famous Bohemian city in the heart of Europe, is well known for its magic genius loci and its mysterious charm. In this groundbreaking book, Michal Maryška presents the Essence of this mysterious energy on a silver tray made of starlight. Prague is magic and mysterious because it consists of magic and mystery.

According to a myth, the princess Libuše, a pagan prophetess and ruler of the ancient tribe of Czechs, prophesized the birth of Prague and gave a mystical impulse to its foundation on the basis of her vision, in which she “saw a city large, the glory of which would reach the stars”. Something deeply symbolic is hidden in her seemingly simple statement. For Prague really touches the stars – not just allegorically, but directly, physically - for the whole starry sky and its laws lie hidden in her stone face.



A cross network of five Prague early Christian shrines, standing on places that had been venerated as holy long before the arrival of Christianity, creates a living stone calendar, its orientation based on the positions of the Sun at the moment of sunset of the summer solstice, and at the sunrise at the winter solstice, thus dividing the terrain of Prague into four, respectively twelve sectors, sectors which in turn correspond directly to the four seasons of the year, and therefore, to twelve months, i.e., the twelve zodiac signs. This structure, called the Prague Zodiac, thus reflects what happens in the sky above it.



The Prague Zodiac, however, is not just a dead museum document correlating the essential connection of ancient cultures living in Prague with astronomical processes in the starry sky. Rather, it is a living embodiment of matter, resonating events as they occur throughout time. The Prague Zodiac is imprinted into the genome of Prague as something primeval and essential, upon which all the processes that happen in her material structure are based. This starry City remarkably resonates with the symbolic meanings of zodiacal signs, shimmering in her natural landscape, architecture, and even historic events. Remarkably, it also meaningfully communicates with the horoscopes of people and events related to Prague. In every place, in every bend of time, this City is thus an alive and heavenly Mirror, transmuting and bringing into stark reality the age-old fundamental law of magic and alchemy, carved into the legendary Emerald Tablet:


‘As above, so below.’


And woven into the background of this Mirror between sky and earth – about which the superficial awareness has no clue (just as it doesn’t realize its DNA, creating the basis of all its cellular structures) the story of this book unfolds. A story about a path of a single human being toward his essential Awareness, a story about a quest for one’s inner genuineness and happiness. About a quest for peace and wholeness in the human heart, and about discovering One’s true Self in the face of the infinite starry sky.



The story is quite unusual and unique in its form. The characters are a self-lost, inwardly disoriented young man, and his elder, mysterious guide, who leading him through Prague simultaneously leads him through the depth of human soul. However, the story’s main character is Prague herself, in all her particular places, edifices, events or personas (Einstein, Havel, Mozart, Kafka, Charles IV, Heydrich, Hitler, Eichman, Rabbi Löw and his Golem, Nietzsche, Martinů, Dvořák, Smetana to name a few) and primarily, Prague in her mysterious magic essence, through the uncovering of which, the young man uncovers the very essence of himself. In this book, Prague (Praha in Czech) is a Mirror between man and the Universe, between the individual and Unity. A mirror and a Threshold (the Czech word Práh means “a threshold,”) from which a human individual, as long as he or she opens his or her mind, can enter and wholly merge with the Unity that he or she has always been.



A provocative, yet inspiring read, that will transform your view of history, mind and the Space we live in. A read that will invite you to touch the wholeness in yourself and in the world around you. To touch and to be touching the Source of inner peace, love and happiness. 

Magic Prague, Prague Zodiac
Magic Prague, Prague Zodiac
...a forthcoming novel...
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